viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

The place that I love

Hello my people, my dear readers, my friends, my family, all of you!

Like every Friday, is hour for do a new post. Today, I'm going to talk about a place that I want travel in the future (really, this summer).

I want travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I visited this city in three opportunities, but I never get bored like for return again and again.  I like walk for the small streets in the center of the city, for the shore of La Plata River, and for the 9th July Avenue, the widest street in the world (18 tracks for the cars!).

But the thing that I really love is the Argentinean soccer. In this country the people are very fanatic of this sports, and Buenos Aires is the city with more soccer teams and stadiums in the world. I love visit the different stadium in the capital, and see how the people and the fans feel the passion for his team.

Also I like buy soccer team shirt and books about football. Yes, I’m very monothematic, ha-ha. Finally, also I like enjoy the food classic Argentinean like pizza, pasta, meat, Milanese, Quilmes beer, and more food.

In this summer I want travel to Buenos Aires with my girlfriend, I hope to do it.

Well, it is all for today. See you soon. Bye.

viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015


Hi again, my dear people! Today I'm going to talk about something that I love: the music.

My favorite band is called "Callejeros". They are from Argentina and born in 1995. They play rock and are very famous for two things: is the favorite band of Jorge Sampaoli, coach of Chilean soccer national team, and also for a very tragic event: in December 30th, 2004, the band was playing in Cromagnon Dicoteque with four thousand fans.

Then, the music started with the song "Distinto" (different) and one person in the fans lit a flare. The sparks touched the roof and started a very big fire. That day, 194 fans died.

The band was put in jail for a time because the Justice says that they was guilty, but now they are free and playing music again with another name: "Don Osvaldo".

In August of this year they came to Chile for first oportunity at Caupolican Teathre. I was present with a friend and my girlfriend. It was a great night, with good music and also we take photos with Sampaoli, who also was present, haha.

I recomend listen the song Imposible or Prohibido. In those songs, the vocalist, Pato Fontanet, does a very serious social critical.

Well, is all for today. See you soon!

sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2015

My expectations for this semester

Hi, my friends. Today I will to talk about my expectations for this semester.

In the University, I want to pass all my subjects with good qualifications. I want make interesting reports in Workshop Report, and make interviews with more confidence (because I’m a bit shy).

In the sports, I hope to win the King's Cup with my football team Athletic Club Cenicero for second opportunity and make exercises everyday for be healthier. Also, I want follow to my team, the “U”, where play his matches and I hope that we win Chile Cup for qualify to Libertadores Cup of next year.

In my English class, I expect to learn more vocabulary, speak with more fluency and write many posts in my blog.

Finally, I want to get a summer job for have money to travel to Buenos Aires this vacations. Maybe in a bookstore, sports shop or in a restorant like waiter.

Well, this is all. See you soon!

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

My favorite technology article

Hello, my friends and readers. This week I will to talk about my favorite technology article.

In my life I use very much those articles, for example, TV (very much hours watching soccer, movies, series or whatever), smart phone (everyday in Whatsapp, haha), but my favorite is my iPad.

It was a gift of my grandparents. First, I didn't wanted the iPad, because I believed that wasn't necessary for my. "Now I have smart phone, computer and TV, why more?", I thought, but with the time, I have discovered that is very useful.

In my iPad I can read the newspaper on line, write tweets on Twitter, see Facebook and chat with friends, listen music in Spotify, watch videos in Youtube, watch football matches, watch movies in Netflix, read e-books, buy tickets for matches of my team, read the academics texts and very much things more. 

Now, I don't imagine my life without my iPad, haha.

Well, see you soon.

Career-related website: Un Caño

Hello, readers and friends! Like every Friday, is hour for make a new post in 12th Man's Blog. Today I will to talk about something that is very interesting: a career-related website (in my case, Journalism). My favorite subject in Journalism are the sports, but with something of policy and culture. These three elements combined are amazing!

The website that does this is Un Caño ( Is a magazine’s website Argentinean, where the journalists write about soccer in the world, but relating with more culture and policy elements.

For example, this week they wrote about the match between Lazio and Roma in Italy. Isn’t only a soccer match, because the fans both of them teams hate between they. However, Lazio and Roma fans share political ideas: both of them are fascists.

Also, they make a post about the club Palestino of Chile. There, the journalist says that is a inmigrants club, and much people in Palestine are fan of the Chilean club and they watch the matchs in TV every week, because they feel that Palestino represent the Palestine cause against Israel.

When I be professional journalist, I want work in a media like Un Caño.

viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

My pet: Nala

Hello again, readers. It's Friday again and is hour to talk about a very funny subject: the pets.

In my life I had very much pets, and all of them was dogs, because is my favorite animal. The first was Jack, later Lula and Coka, and all of them was mongrel. Also I had some breed dog: Anastasia (Siberian), Dito (Fox Terrier) and now, Nala. She is a beautiful basset hound, with very long ears, short legs and big snout. Is very similar the dog that appear in the publicity of shoes Hush Puppies.

She come to my home in 2008, when only was two months old. Was very difficult convince to my parents, because they hate the pets in the garden, but I insisted and finally I won.

When Nala was puppy, she was very crazy and playful, but now she is quiet and a good partner for play and for nights of study. Is nice arrive to my home and see to Nala greet me moving her tail with happiness.

Well, it's all for today. See you later.

viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

My favorite photo: We are the champions!

Hello again, my friends! Today I’m going to talk about a photo that is very especial for me:

It was the 15th July of this year, when with my football team friends, Club Atlético Cenicero, we played the final of the Copa del Rey, the cup of our faculty, against the team of  first year's students.

The match was very difficult, because the other team was very good. But finally we won for 3-2, and I did the second and the finally goal, twenty seconds before that the referee said that the match was over.

It was a great emotion, because we strive for win this tournament. That photo was taken for my girlfriend Natalia, the fan number one of our team, who was present in all ours matchs and who made a beautiful flag for the C.A.C.

In the photo, our faces are the demonstration of our hapiness for win this tournament, the first of our short history like team. Is a great remember, that I never will to forget.